As a youth, we are the hope of the future. We need to get involved in our community as young as we are so that we can appreciate more its significance. We will never understand what it feels like when we are not in a certain situation, that is why we need to put ourselves in others shoes. We could render our sincere service to the helpless for them to grow and develop and as well as us, to learn at the same time. Plus, we can help each other’s unity as we work hand in hand. We are the role model of the next generation. We need not to dismay them. We need to welcome them with peace and happiness to make them do the same. Free web directory submission will give us the best place to share our hidden talent of service. It is time for us to cooperate before it is too late. Keep in mind that we can make our world a better place.
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Youth service makes a difference! See kids tell their stories. Click Here.
Learn more about the Cesar E. Chavez Youth Initiated Service-Learning Mini-Grants and download an application today!
Apply for the CATALYST PROJECT!! Click here for an application or here for a flyer.

2004 Governor's Conference on Service, Volunteerism and Mentoring has been postponed! Click here for more info.

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